• State of the City: Response, 1/12/21
    “Black Lives Matter. They matter to the City. And they matter to me.” - Mayor Robert Garcia at the 1/12/21 State […]
  • PB&J Day - Postponed
    Due to COVID health concerns in our community, our next Peanut Butter & Jelly Day to make and distribute sandwiches and […]
  • 2021 National Day of Racial Healing
    Join us on the 2021 National Day of Racial Healing TRHT-LA will celebrate the day by centering and uplifting the practices […]
  • BLM Monthly Meetings
    Photo by cottonbro on BLM Long Beach meetings are held on: The first Saturday of each month From 12:00 noon […]
  • BLM Long Beach Meeting 1/9/21
    Join us on Saturday Jan 9th at 12 noon. Our demands have not changed!! We want Black Lives to Matter more […]
  • Break Down the Ballot 10/24
    A Black-centered social distanced event to break down the November ballot, enjoy community entertainment and political education, plus more! Wear your […]